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There are many types of Appraisals.

Each Document is customized to meet the unique requirements for the Appraisal’s Purpose and Function.

It is important to establish with your appraiser the intended use of the appraisal, in order to determine the most common and appropriate marketplace

The most common appraisal is the:

Insurance Retail Replacement Appraisal

This is the least expensive Appraisal, since the jewelry is evaluated by analyzing each of the component parts to determine the cost of replacement in today’s retail marketplace.  This type of Appraisal is typically used to obtain insurance or insurance riders.

Our Appraisal’s accuracy and detail make it possible to identify the jewelry or have duplicates recreated should they ever be lost or stolen.

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Fair Market Value Appraisal

There are many different functions and purposes within this type of Appraisal.  FMV Appraisals are more complicated.  The Appraisal is based upon research of the appropriate market level to determine, at what price, similar jewelry pieces have been sold.  Typically, Customers want to know how much they can expect to get when selling the jewelry.  The Customer must decide on the market level and location in-which they intend to sell the jewelry. 

Location is important:

Location is important, because a necklace selling in Orlando probably won’t sell for as much as it will in New York, for example.

Market Level is critical:

Secondary Retail Level: Usually generates the highest sale price.  However, this can take a considerable amount of time and effort to locate a good home for the jewelry.

Auction Level:  This level is considerably easier, but may not result in the best return.  Remember Auctioneers charge both the Buyer and Seller fees based upon the Gavel Price.

Wholesale Level:  At this level you may be trying to sell the jewelry to a Retail Jewelry Store (consignment shop).  Be aware that you are an unknown selling a used piece of jewelry.  Therefore the store may not pay as much to you as they would to one of their known suppliers.


Pawn Shop Level:  At this level you will get instant cash, however you only receive a minimal amount of money.

Scrap Level:  This lowest return level is based upon the amount of money each of the individual components might command. Gold re-processor, Secondhand gem dealer.


“FAIR MARKET VALUE APPRAISAL is based on what price a piece will change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under compulsion to buy or sell, and both having relevant knowledge of the facts.”

This type of appraisal is used for many purposes and functions ie: Resales (Liquidation), Collateral, Tax Liability, Divorce Settlement and Estate Settlement (Equitable Distribution).

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Hypothetical Appraisals

This is an appraisal requested when an item has been lost or stolen without previous documentation as to its quality and value.  These appraisals generally give a range of values based on the client's description, photos, and receipts. The fact that the item was not inspected and represents values based upon hypothetical data given to the appraiser must be noted in the appraisal.

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